Ventolin inhaler for Asthma

Ventolin is a drug that has a bronchodilator effect. It removes the spasm of the smooth muscles of the bronchi and improves their patency. The medicine is prescribed for patients with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pathology of the respiratory system. The drug is available as a solution that is used in a special inhaler. The detailed instructions for the use of Ventolin for inhalations are considered in the article.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disruption of the lungsAsthma is a disruption of the lungs, which results in inflammation and swelling of the airways, the formation of a large amount of mucus, contraction and contraction of muscle tissue around the respiratory tract. In this connection, patients with asthma feel acute shortage of air, suffer from frequent cough, especially at night. The breath in people who suffer from asthma becomes wheezy and difficult.

Asthma can develop as a result of a genetic predisposition, a transferred viral disease, undigested and neglected bronchitis and other factors. It should be noted that the most asthma predisposed people are those, who are currently experiencing hormonal changes, suffering from excess weight, allergies to various irritants - for example, smoke, dust, fluff, animals, etc.

Also, note the professional reasons for the appearance of allergic asthma, harmful working conditions, prolonged stay in the gassed place, etc. Among the population, urban residents are most exposed to asthma, as the ecological situation in the city leaves much to be desired.

Symptoms of asthma can periodically manifest and pass, or manifest regularly and last for a long time. In most cases, a patient with asthma has to take medication daily to monitor the course of the disease. And not to allow critical states. In humans, the volume of the lungs (the amount of air inhaled and exhaled in one second) decreases with age. This is due to changes in muscle tissue and loss of flexibility of the chest. Usually a decrease in the volume of the lungs creates difficulties in diagnosing asthma at the very beginning of the development of the disease.

How to use ventolin inhaler for asthma

In bronchial asthma: Ventolin is used for the prevention and relief of bronchospasm, as a component in the complex treatment of bronchial asthma (including asthmatic status). With the preventive purpose, you should apply the drug directly before contact with an allergen or before an exercise stress. Ventolin is also used for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is accompanied by reversible bronchial obstruction.

How to use ventolin inhalerBefore using the inhaler for the first time or after taking a break in use for 5 days or more, remove the cap of the mouthpiece, gently squeezing it from the sides, shake the inhaler well and make two sprays in the air to make sure it is working properly.

Use of inhaler:

Remove the cap of the mouthpiece by gently pressing it on the sides.

Make sure there are no foreign objects inside and outside the inhaler, including the mouthpiece.

Carefully shake the inhaler to remove any foreign matter from the inhaler and evenly mix its contents.

Take the inhaler in your hand vertically between the big and the other fingers, with the thumb on the body of the inhaler below the mouthpiece.

Ventolin inhaler correct usageMake the deepest exhalation, then take the mouthpiece in your mouth between the teeth and cover it with your lips without biting.

Inhaling through the mouth, press on the tops of the inhaler to spray albuterol, while continuing to slowly and deeply inhale. One push to the top of the inhaler corresponds to one dose.

Hold your breath, pull out the inhaler from your mouth and remove your toe from the tip of the inhaler. Continue to hold your breath as long as possible.

If further spraying is necessary, wait about 30 seconds, holding the inhaler vertically. Then, follow the steps in paragraphs 3-7.

• Place the cap of the mouthpiece in place by pressing and clicks in the desired direction.

Important: Follow the steps described in points 5, 6 and 7 without hurrying. Before spraying you need to breathe as slowly as possible. The first few times you should do this in front of the mirror. If there is a "cloud" near the tops of the inhaler or on the sides of the mouth, you must start the procedure again from step 2.

Ventolin dosage for asthma

Ventolin aerosol is intended only for inhalation use through the mouth. In patients, who are difficult to synchronize breathing with the use of an inhaler, it is recommended to use an additional spacer device for facilitating the inhalation of inhalants.

Adults (including elderly patients): To relieve exacerbation of asthma symptoms, including acute bronchospasm, one inhalation (100 μg) can be used as a minimum starting dose. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 200 μg (2 inhalations). Prophylaxis for 10-15 minutes before exercise or expected contact with allergens use 200 μg (2 inhalations). For prolonged maintenance therapy, it is recommended to use 200 μg (2 inhalations) 4 times a day. The total daily dose of albuterol should not exceed 800 micrograms (8 inhalations).

Children over 12 years of age use doses for adults.

Children aged 4 to 12 years old: For instillation of acute bronchospasm, one inhalation (100 μg) is used. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 200 μg (2 inhalations). Prophylaxis for 10-15 minutes before exercise or anticipated contact with allergens is used 100 μg (1 inhalation), if necessary, the dose can be increased to 200 μg (2 inhalations). For prolonged maintenance therapy, it is recommended to use 200 μg (2 inhalations) 4 times a day. The total daily dose of albuterol should not exceed 800 micrograms (8 inhalations).

The increased need for beta-2 agonists may indicate a deterioration in asthma. Under these conditions, you should review the patient's treatment regimen and consider the need for glucocorticosteroid therapy.

How often to use ventolin inhaler

How often to use ventolinThe active substance of the drug is albuterol. It is a bronchodilator, which belongs to the β2-adrenoreceptor agonist group. It is applied topically as an aerosol.

albuterol blocks the release of histamine and other biologically active substances from mast cells, relieves spasms of the bronchial tree. Thus, in the airways, resistance decreases, air circulates freely, and the vital capacity of the lungs increases.

The drug inhibits the release of substances that form the inflammatory process. When topical application increases mucociliary clearance - the protective properties of the mucosa. Prevents allergic spasm of the bronchi. When using the solution as an inhalation substance does not affect the cardiovascular system, does not increase blood pressure.

According to the instructions, you can have up to 4 inhalations per day. In severe cases, it is allowed to have more Ventolin inhalations per day. Remember that the maximum dosage of the main active substance of Ventolin, albuterol, should be increase 800 micrograms.

Usage ventolin without asthma: when does it needed?

A solution for inhalation is prescribed for adults and children with chronic, more often irreversible pathology of the respiratory system. The list of diseases, in which Ventolin is prescribed, include:

bronchial asthma - inflammation of the bronchi with shortness of breath, coughing and suffocation;

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - obstruction of the bronchi with severe dyspnea and difficulty in breathing, until the respiratory arrest;

chronic bronchitis - a slow inflammation of the bronchi with periodic exacerbations;

bronchospastic syndrome - the pathological condition of the smooth muscles of the bronchi;

emphysema of the lungs - increased air in the parenchyma with respiratory and gas exchange disturbances.

• The drug is prescribed to prevent the development of asphyxiating symptom with the first asthma attack.

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